Auto-Tune Slice VST 2023 Download

Auto-Tune Slice is a powerful product of Antares and works as a vocal sampler/synthesizer instrument. With the help of Auto-Tune Slice plugin, you are allowed to slice up all sorts of Audio tracks as well as vocals in an efficient way. Utilizing Auto-Tune Slice you can also easily turn your samples into slices. Furthermore, there are various features to rearrange slices, create phrases and patterns, as well as manipulate the sounds. Also, It has the capability to automatically mapped your slices to MIDI Controller. Auto-Tune Slice is not just a Slicer but the latest product of Antares and riched with amazing features. These features let you perform your desired task precisely. This will help you to work in a really different way.

Auto-Tune Slice Sampler Free Download

Antares Auto-Tune Slice | Advanced Vocal Sampler

Auto-Tune Slice provides a simple, intuitive interface which is attractive and easy to use. The interface is user-friendly and allows newbies to work in a professional way. That is why this software has gained a solid place in the sound production industry. There are hundreds of vocal samples as well as presets in a wide range of styles. You can utilize them to make your project attractive. So, if you want to improve your skills then install this amazing software, utilize your skills and take your talent to the next level.

Furthermore, if you are a music producer you must aware of this software. This software is very flexible for artists as well as for music producers. It always offers an easy, time-saving and effortless way to produce high-quality sounds. It allows you to become creative and produce music of your own. That is why it is the choice of professionals to produce high-quality and desirable music. Auto-Tune Slice is available as part of Auto-Tune Unlimited. It means when you get access to Auto-Tune Unlimited you will get access to Auto-Tune Slice.

There are various Antares Products including Antares Auto-Tune Pro, Auto-Tune Hybrid, and Auto-Tune Artist etc. All these products are used to create efficient sounds easily and effortlessly. Auto-Tune Slice is also used for this specific purpose. It is used to convert samples into slices. So, if you are a pro user then it is highly recommended you get access to this incredible featured rich software to produce more attraction to your music.

Auto-Tune Slice Features:

  • Auto-Tune Slice is a great as well as powerful sampling instrument.
  • Compatible with the various audio samples.
  • Very creative and allows the creation of unique content.
  • Also, regular Content updates.
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface.
  • It works offline. You just need an internet connection to activate the license.

What’s New?

  • Various Bug fixes
  • Protected from unintentional threats
  • safe and secure
  • Fast troubleshooting

Auto-Tune Slice Sampler Free Download


  • Auto-Tune Slice is not very expensive
  • Compatible Plugin and makes your work effortless
  • Available with the Auto-Tune Unlimited subscription.


  • You cannot purchase its license separately.
  • An Internet connection is necessary to activate the license.


Auto-Tune Slice System Requirements

This amazing plugin is compatible with all major DAWs. However, read the following system requirements to install this plugin:


The following are the system requirements for the Windows operating system:

AAX Native (64-bit only)
• Pro Tools 2018.1 or later.
• Windows 10

VST3 (64-bit only)
• A compatible DAW that supports the VST3 format.
• Windows 10


If you are working on Mac Book must consider the following requirements:

AAX Native (64-bit only)
• Pro Tools 2018.1 or later.
• macOS 10.14 to 11. x as required by your version of Pro Tools.

VST3 (64-bit only)
• A compatible VST host program that supports the VST3 format.
• macOS 10.14 to 11. x as required by your host.

Audio Units (64-bit only)
• A compatible DAW that supports the AU format.
• macOS 10.14 to 11. x as required by your host.

How To Install Auto-Tune Slice Crack? 

Just follow the following procedure to install Auto-Tune Slice:

  1. First of all Download the software by clicking the link shown below.
  2. In the second step after downloading the software, extract the files
  3. Now you need to double-click the installer app.
  4. Use the keys to unlock the plugin.
  5. After putting the keys in your installation will Complete
  6. Done! Enjoy


Bottom Line:

Finally, Auto-Tune Slice is the latest and most fantastic product of Auto-Tune available with the Auto-Tune Unlimited Subscription. Furthermore, you must activate the Licence of this plugin to produce more variety in your sounds. Also, by using its latest features you will get more attention from the audience.

Auto-Tune Slice Faqs:

Q: Is it possible to purchase one license and use it on multiple computers? 

A: Yes! it is possible but you are allowed to use only two simultaneous activations of one Auto-Tune Unlimited license at any given time. However, it is still appreciated that you can use this plugin on the maxim of two devices.

Q:  Can I activate my license of Auto-Tune Slice without any strong internet connection?

A: No! you need to have an internet connection for the activation of the license. But, once you have activated your license, you do not require any internet connection to use this awesome plugin.

Q: What is the basic procedure to activate the license for Auto-Tune Slice? 

A: Above all else, this is the most commonly asked question from the side of new users. But the answer is very simple the license will be automatically registered after purchasing the subscription. Just open your mail and check out the mail from Antares. Then follow the mentioned steps to activate the license.

Q: Can I get only Auto-Tune Slice Sampler?

A: No! you will get access to Auto-Tune Slice only when you subscribe to Auto-Tune Unlimited. Because it is available only for the Auto-Tune Unlimited subscriber.

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